• The End of Churchianity 2

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    What does it look like to fulfill the Great Commission, not with talk, but with power?
    This is the follow-up film to the End of Churchianity. In this film you'll hear world-class insight, testimonies, and meet people who are living out the Great Commission in extraordinary ways. The Kingdom of G...

  • 6 Film Super Package!
    6 videos  |  Rent $10  |  Buy $25

    6 Film Super Package!

    6 videos  |  Rent $10  |  Buy $25

    You'll receive:
    The End of Churchianity 1 - Documentary (90min)
    The End of Churchianity 1 - Bonus film (2:17hr)
    Escape From Hell - Ex Satanist (35min)
    Escape From Hell - Ex Gay Porn Star (60min)
    Escape From Hell - Ex Radical Muslim (27min)
    Escape From Hell - Ex Muslim Suicide Bomber (20min)

  • 4 Film Package - "The End of Churchianity" + "Bonus Video" + "Escape From Hell 1 & 2"

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    You get 4 Videos!

    1). The End of Churchianity
    2). The End of Churchianity - BONUS VIDEO
    3). Escape From Hell - Ex Satanist
    4). Escape From Hell - Ex Gay Porn Star

  • "The End of Churchianity" + "Bonus 2hr Video"

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    You'll get the 90 minute miraculous film "The End of Churchianity" -
    PLUS over 2 hours of bonus testimonies and stories in a second video!

  • "The End of Churchianity"

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    All around the world God is performing miracles through ordinary Christians. But in the West, has Sunday morning church attendance replaced a vibrant living relationship Jesus Christ? Did Jesus die for a Sunday morning ritual.

    We've traveled the world collecting incredible testimonies of mirac...

  • 2+hrs of BONUS CONTENT

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    If you like The End of Churchianity, you need to see what we had to leave out! This is over 2 hours of bonus stories, testimonies, and teaching from the people in our film.

  • "Escape From Hell" - VIDEO and BOOK package

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    You'll receive Joseph Sciambra's incredible video testimony of escaping the gay San Francisco porn scene, PLUS his e-book "Swallowed By Satan".

  • "Escape From Hell" - Episodes 1 & 2

    2 videos  |  Buy $15

    Jesus' light destroys the greatest darkness!

    Experience the graphic and powerful testimonies of an Ex-Satanist and an Ex-Gay-Porn-Star.

    35min and 61min.